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Below are a few of the many creatively delicious recipes we've received in the past featuring various teas.

Darjeeling Mango Mosaic Cake (3 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A Genoise cake with a Darjeeling soaking syrup. Frosted with a white chocolate icing and dried mango garnish. Mango coulis is served on the side.
Darjie Sugar Cookies (1 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
Delicious and easy, this recipe adds a second flush update to traditional sugar cookies.
Darjeeling Braised Pork (2 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A Darjeeling and rosemary infusion is used to braise thick cut chops. The end result is fork tender meat with a deep savory sauce.
Darjeeling Lemon Loaf (1 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
This Darjeeling and lemon flavored quick bread is light and airy and perfect to serve at a cozy tea party or simply enjoyed with a cup of Darjeeling tea after a long day. Bon appetite!
Darjeeling Chai Oatmeal (4 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
Oatmeal cooked with Darjeeling tea and chai spices.
Darling Darjeeling Creme Brûlée (1 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A unique take on crème brûlée for tea lovers! It is visually appealing and will impress any guest or food critic with your dessert prowess! While it takes a while to cook, you can prepare it up to 2 days in advance and still have it taste great!
Blueberry Gingerbread (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
Using Earl Grey Tea and 2 cups of fresh blueberries makes this recipe memorable. Delicious served warm with fresh whipped cream.
Basil Tea (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A soothing home remedy for cold or flu.

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