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Below are a few of the many creatively delicious recipes we've received in the past featuring various teas.

Thatched Roof Scones (2 votes)
Submitted by: Phyllis Tattershall England
This was a hit with my 5 testers. They are pleasing to both the eye and the taste buds.
Tea Nut Brittle (8 votes)
Submitted by: Katie Poma
A healthy, crunchy, delicious sweet treat.
Genmai Cha Stuffed Mushrooms (7 votes)
Submitted by: Vanessa Nero
Stuffed mushrooms with a green tea twist—nutty, wholesome, and delicious!
Genmai Cha Risotto Pudding (1 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A simple rice pudding that showcases the unique flavor of Genmai Cha.
Genmai Cha Berry Best Muffins (2 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
The Genmai Cha gives a delicate nutty flavor to these delicious mixed berry muffins
Genmai Cha Salmon (0 votes)
Submitted by: Stacey Coomer
A healthy dish with a twist.
Genmai Cha Vanilla Tea (4 votes)
Submitted by: Dorothy Black
An interesting way to enjoy this tea
Genmai Cha Tabbouleh (1 votes)
Submitted by: Katherine Prioli
A quick, pleasing Middle Eastern cold salad dish, livened up with genmai cha.
Genmai Cha Oat Bread (3 votes)
Submitted by: David Millar
A delicious bread that you can eat warm with your favorite spread or butter!
Yogurt Treat (0 votes)
Submitted by: Holly Aglia
Just add half a teaspoon of aromatic Genmai Cha to a 6 oz. carton of vanilla low-fat yogurt and enjoy!
Ses-tea-me Brittle (0 votes)
Submitted by: Bobbie Howard
I love sesame candy and with the popped rice in this tea, it creates a sweet treat.

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