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Below are a few of the many creatively delicious recipes we've received in the past featuring various teas.

Irish Breakfast TeaCup-Cakes (8 votes)
Submitted by: Kristina Ponti
These gourmet cupcakes are very moist and delicious. The tea flavor isnít bitter or overpowering; which makes them perfect for non-tea drinkers.
Fat-Free Irish Breakfast Kugel (0 votes)
Submitted by: Katherine Prioli
A fat-free noodle kugel flavored with Irish breakfast tea. This is excellent as either a breakfast or a dessert dish and is good both hot and cold. Credit for the original recipe (upon which this is based) goes to Bette Koffler and Regina Kindman.
Breakfast Bites (2 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
This dish is a breakfasty twist on an old favorite, Victoria sponge cake. These little bites have the perfect morning tang to wake you up and get you going. Best served with a cup of tea.
Corned Beef Dip (13 votes)
Submitted by: S. Coles
Add a little zip to this ol' Irish dip with Adagio Irish Breakfast tea.
Irish Tea Soda Bread (6 votes)
Submitted by: cyndy juergens
Beautiful quick and easy bread to serve at tea time or when company drops by.
Irish Peach Melba (19 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
An easy way to bring gourmet flair to the dessert table. The malty flavor of Irish breakfast combines with the sweet taste of peaches, and is coated with the tang of raspberries. All served on top of creamy vanilla ice cream.
Tea-Glazed Irish Pound Cake (30 votes)
Submitted by: Tami Schattner
Aye, you'll think you're back on the auld sod when you bite into this tasty pound cake. Your leprechauns, young and old, will like this dessert.
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Tea Cookies (0 votes)
Submitted by: Ann Allison
Adding Irish breakfast tea slightly alters the flavor and makes a much more moist cookie, which is an excellent choice to accompany a nice hot cup of Adagio Irish Breakfast Tea.
Citrus-Tea Salmon (16 votes)
Submitted by: Erika Mesloh
Lemon, orange, Adagio Irish breakfast tea, and brown sugar encrust this salmon, giving it a flavorful zing.
Irish Breakfast Mushroom Soup (6 votes)
Submitted by: Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen
This soup is good as a light lunch or first course for dinner. Smoky undertones of Irish breakfast tea highlight the earthiness of the mushrooms.
Irish Breakfast Tea Ice Cream (20 votes)
Submitted by: Rachel Rappaport
Irish breakfast tea ice cream is super rich and creamy with a lovely malt flavor.
Mashed Irish Breakfast Sweet Potatoes (1 votes)
Submitted by: Carissa Hobson
This dish would be great as a substitute for candied yams at holiday meals for those who like something less sweet.
Shrimp Scampi à la Irish (2 votes)
Submitted by: Nina K
flavorful and refreshing
Triple Layer Irish Breakfast Tea Cake (24 votes)
Submitted by: Michelle Fischer
Makes 1 delicious triple-layer 9" cake!
Iced Green Tea Sorbet (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
You may use any flavor of Adagio green tea (citron, mango, cherry, etc.) to make this refreshing sorbet. Use your imagination!
Irish Green Beans (0 votes)
Submitted by: Diana Bisel
Tea twist on my favorite side dish, green beans. Healthy and flavorful.
Irish Breakfast Smoothie (0 votes)
Submitted by: Erica Lake
A caffeine-boosted smoothie‚ÄĒwhat could be better in the morning?
Slow Cooked Irish Breakfast Barley (3 votes)
Submitted by: Fazia Rizvi
A warm and hearty dish, perfect for cold and misty mornings.
Rice Pudding (3 votes)
Submitted by: Dorothy Black
Baked tea-cooked rice pudding for an interesting change
Irish Breakfast French Toast (0 votes)
Submitted by: Rachel Lacow
A new version of an old classic.
Honey Wheat Tea Muffins (1 votes)
Submitted by: Miriam Haskell
These muffins taste hearty and healthy. Perfect for breakfast. Add sugar if you prefer a sweeter muffin.
White Chocolate Green Pekoe Truffles (0 votes)
Submitted by: Erin Cade
White chocolate offsets the flavors of the Green Pekoe tea
Gunpowder rice cooked sushi (0 votes)
Submitted by: Micol Romano
This makes for a very interesting change in flavor. (and for people who don't like raw fish)
Tea Infused Custard (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
This tea infused custard can be used with any kind of tea, so it is very versatile.
creamy banana,chocolate sandwiches grilled (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
lucious chocolate, banana grilled sandwich
Irish Breakfast Smoothie (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A delicious smoothie that tastes almost like tea-flavored frozen yogurt.

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