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Here are the wonderful recipes that we've received spotlighting this month's featured tea. Please review them thoroughly and vote for the entry that you find the most interesting and creatively delicious use of this tea.

Oolong Scented Game Hens (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
This makes a lovely game hen that is moist and deeply flavorful. The oolong adds a rich smoky flavor and deep caramel color to the skin. Add a nice crusty baguette and suggested side and this is the perfect slightly fancy, yet easy and quick, dinner for one or two. After all, sometimes you just need to treat yourself.
Oolong Pork Roast (1 votes)
Submitted by: Michelle Fischer
A moist and delicious pork loin.
Almond Oolong Bread (18 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A simple, delicious bread made easy by using a bread machine. Great at any time of the day with a cup of tea.
huang shuwei (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
Our company Chao An Propitious Clouds Tea Co., Ltd, is expert in producing, processing and selling tea, tea instrument and other tea- concerned productions. Our tea garden is base in the famous tea-produced center-guangdong fenghuang town. The tea garden located in low 600m high mountain where is the national excellent green-food producing center without any pollution.
Oolong Ochazuke (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A Korean and Western fusion twist on traditional Japanese ochazuke, which is usually made with green tea. Ingredients are given for 1 serving; easy to multiply for the whole family.
Scrumptious Carrot Apple Oolong Muffins (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
These are yummy for a quick treat. Be it a grab and go breakfast or an accompaniment to a steaming cup of tea, these hit the spot.

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