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Here are the wonderful recipes that we've received spotlighting this month's featured tea. Please review them thoroughly and vote for the entry that you find the most interesting and creatively delicious use of this tea.

Spearmint Snowball Truffles (16 votes)
Submitted by: Pam Smith
Satisfy your sweet tooth this holiday season with these easy-to-make party treats. These truffles look great on a cookie tray and are perfect served as dessert with after-dinner tea.
Minty Salsa (1 votes)
Submitted by: Neena Gulley
This sweet, fragrant salsa is a great complement to broiled fish or baked chicken, in addition to being yummy served with chips and assorted raw vegetables.
Chocolate Spearmint Rice Pudding (2 votes)
Submitted by: Felicia Sienkiewicz
The best of both worlds: chocolate and mint in a classic dessert dish.
Chocolate Mint Cheesecake Bars (1 votes)
Submitted by: Lauren Collister
A chocolate crumb crust with minty cheesecake and a topping of chocolate—a great holiday treat!
"Mint-tea" Lamb Chops (1 votes)
Submitted by: Susan Baker
Marinated lamb chops in spearmint tea and lemon, sautéed with onions and mushrooms, sauce thickened for gravy.
Garlic-Mint Yogurt Sauce (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
This is a great sauce to serve with beef or lamb.
Diabetic Chocolate Spearmint Muffins (57 votes)
Submitted by: Frances Busby
These muffins are a sweet holiday treat and make an excellent addition to a Christmas brunch menu.
Spearmint and Cucumber Salad (3 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A light but surprisingly filling salad that's great any time of the year. The spearmint gives it a refreshing kick!
Spicy Yum Shrimp with Avocado (19 votes)
Submitted by: Paporn Ruangsooksri
Quick and easy, this recipe aspires to bring in the exciting flavor of a Thai-style yum salad with lots of fragrant, aromatic herbs, as a spicy twist to shrimp and avocado salad. This dish can be made in advance and served cold, though I recommend warm shrimp over chilled avocado for an interesting contrast.
Spearmint and Citrus Couscous (1 votes)
Submitted by: Jen Roberts
Spearmint-infused couscous tossed in a citrus dressing and topped with creamy feta cheese makes for a quick and refreshing lunch!
Spearmint Limoncello Granita (6 votes)
Submitted by: M Hall
This is a light finish to a heavy holiday meal or a refreshing summer dessert.
Minty Fruit Salad (1 votes)
Submitted by: Kathryn Garbutt
This is a great addition to a holiday menu. It makes enough for the whole gang. Adding mint gives it a fresh flavor.
Christmas Tilapia with Spearmint and Lemon (1 votes)
Submitted by: Matthew Petty
A refreshing tilapia fillet cooked in a Spearmint and lemon tea that leaves the mouth, throat, tummy, and mind clear, refreshed, and happy.
Spearmint Hot Chocolate (2 votes)
Submitted by: Erin Doyle
A fun way of livening up hot chocolate by using spearmint tea instead of regular water.
Kristine's Special Thai-Mint Soup (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
A unique take on famous Thai dishes. Mix between curry chicken, pad Thai noodles, and homemade soup.
Mint Chocolate Tea Cookies (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
This is a small invention while trying to combine the delicious aroma of mint tea and my husband's favorite ever: chocolate!
Mint Sauce (5 votes)
Submitted by: Dorothy Black
for lamb or pork
Honey-Spearmint Lamb (0 votes)
Submitted by: Julia Wakeling
Lamb chops basted with honey-spearmint tea glaze and broiled or grilled.
Iced Spearmint and Strawberry Tea (2 votes)
Submitted by: Erica Lake
Based on a recipe from "Herbs: A Country Garden Cookbook," by Rosalind Creasy.
Spearmint Orange Toddy (0 votes)
Submitted by: Renee Cook
This is a hot punch best enjoyed relaxing by the fireplace.
Minty Chocolate Fry Cakes (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
Fry cakes are a type of doughnut. Any tea could make these fabulous; be creative. I chose spearmint for the strongest flavor difference.
Companies out of business (0 votes)
Submitted by: Anonymous
Dear Tea Map Directory, The Gathering Room Tea House and the Enchanted Cottage Tea Room are no longer in business. Their old phone number 856-478-4900 now belongs to my company, Devine's Plumbing. Please remove them from your website. I have been getting hundreds of callers calling about the tea house. Thank you, Gary J. Devine Devine's Plumbing 856-881-4431 856-478-4900

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