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Gunpowder rice cooked sushi

Micol Romano TeaChef Level 1

This makes for a very interesting change in flavor. (and for people who don't like raw fish)

30 m 2


  • sushi seaweed
  • gunpowder tea
  • uncooked rice
  • fish
  • veggies (use mild flavors to enhance fish and rice flavors)


Cook rice in gunpowder tea according to directions on your rice box (use tea instead of water, or mix tea and water if you want a milder flavor).

Use locally caught fish or fish from your grocery store, cook it and slice it in thin long slices. Do the same for whatever veggies you want with it it (carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, avocado, etc). Once rice is ready, spread a foil of sushi seaweed on a cuttingboard, then spread a thin layer of rice on it, then the fish and veggies. Roll onto itself so that outer layer is all black, then inner layer is rice, and innermost layer is fish and veggies.

Cut into bitesize rolls and enjoy :)

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