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Adagio White Eternal Spring Tea Macarons

Nathaniel Higdon TeaChef Level 1

Adagio White Eternal Spring Tea Macarons

Filled with a rich creamy White Eternal Spring Tea Custard and indulgent velvety smooth White Eternal Spring Tea... view more

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About Nathaniel Higdon

I am a young scientist working towards a PhD degree. My area of focus is microbiology with a special focus in virology and immunology. I have a wide range of skills and knowledge. I currently am the State of Kansas American Society for Microbiology Young Ambassador Representative. I hold several degrees and have been award various honors. I have teaching, science advocacy, and science outreach experience. I have a passion for cats, books, and tea. I love tea and often try to convert my fellow office mates to switch from coffee to tea.

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