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This month's tea is: Pu Erh Dante

TeaChef is a community of people passionate about cooking and tea. More specifically, cooking with tea. We invite you to experiment with this month's tea selection and submit your recipe and picture. Each month the community votes on the most creative of recipes. The winner gets a $50 gift certificate to Adagio Teas. Please purchase a sample of this month's tea >>>

TeaChef Classics

Lemon Grass Cupcakes

Submitted by: Anonymous
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Nutty Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Submitted by: Somer Wilson
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Tea Nut Brittle

Submitted by: Katie Poma
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Cranberry Tea Trifle

Submitted by: Daniel Golden
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Lemon Sonata Dessert

Submitted by: Michelle Fischer
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Tea-Glazed Irish Pound Cake

Submitted by: Tami Schattner
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