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Explosive Tilapia

Angelique Blackburn TeaChef Level 1

This EASY tilapia has a spicy finish and gunpowder adornment. Can be altered for lemony or buttery flavor.

30 m 2


  • Tilapia, paprika, gunpowder tea (unprepared), 1 cup gunpowder tea prepared but unfiltered, unsweetened, butter, lemon juice.


Place two tilapia filets in pan with a little butter. [Optional Step: Add prepared gunpower tea and paprika instead of butter, cover, and cook until it looks done] or grill the tilapia.

Sprinkle heavily with paprika and adorn with cute gunpowder pellets. Another fun alternative is mixing the gunpowder pellets with lemon juice and paprika and spooning along the length of the tilapia. Kids like adding the spices to this one (I would think.... I don't have kids, but I liked adding the spices and I'm kindof like a kid).

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