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Nutty Pancakes

Michelle TeaChef Level 3

A gourmet nutty pancake with praline syrup.



  • 32 oz. boxed buttermilk pancake mix
  • 9 oz. peanut butter (crunchy or creamy)
  • 4 tsp. Li Zi Nutcracker tea leaves
  • 2 c. hot water
  • 1/2 c. milk (optional)
  • 3 tbsp. sugar


Brew tea in water and let steep for 5 min. Strain.

Mix together the pancake mix, peanut butter, brewed tea, sugar, milk if desired, adding little bits of water until a creamy brownie-like batter consistency is reached.

Ladle onto lightly sprayed griddle. Cook until golden brown underneath. Flip over and cook until golden brown. Serve warm with praline syrup or your favorite topping.

Serve with butter, praline syrup, powdered sugar, or any desired topping.

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