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Floral Tea

CAROLE TURCO TeaChef Level 1

Enjoy your floral tea with biscuits and crystallized flowers at the tea hour.



  • 1 oz. violets
  • 1 oz. rose petals
  • 0.7 oz. jasmine tea
  • 10 sugar cubes (you can add more at the end of cooking)
  • 1 egg white
  • powdered sugar


The day before serving, you must prepare the crystallized flowers:

Lightly rinse the violets and roses petals (you can also buy dehydrated flowers).

Coat the flowers with egg white using a cooking brush.

Dip the flowers into powdered sugar to coat.

Place on parchment paper and dry at room temperature.

For the tea:

In a teapot, infuse the jasmine tea.

At the same time, put rose petals and violets in a pan over medium heat with a little of water and some sugar cubes.

Add the brewed tea and turn off heat.

Sweeten to taste.

Serve the tea with vanilla biscuits and with crystallized flowers.

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What people say

  • L Silva TeaChef Level 1

    The recipe looks fancy, i plan to try it out as soon as my violets are grown enough.

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