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Wild Strawberry Cocktail

Jenna Grossman TeaChef Level 1

A fun alcoholic summer drink using Adagio's Wild Strawberry tea. Perfect for your next (virtual) happy hour!

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  • --2 tsp adagio wild strawberry tea
  • --½ oz sweet revenge or other schnapps?
  • --½ oz simple syrup
  • --½ oz apple juice
  • --1 oz vodka
  • --1 strawberry


1. Steep wild strawberry tea in 3 oz water for 10 minutes, then strain out tea leaves. Cool in the fridge until ready for use.

2. Slice the strawberry in half, and muddle half the strawberry with the simple syrup at the bottom of a glass.

3. Mix tea concentrate, sweet revenge, apple juice, and vodka. Add to your glass with the muddled strawberry, and stir.

4. Top with ice and the other strawberry half and serve.

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