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Honeybush Hazelnut Matzoh Brei

Alaine Keisling TeaChef Level 1

There are at least as many recipes for matzoh brei as there are people who make it. This one has a delicate aroma and sweet taste, with no added sugar. Matzoh brei means fried matzoh, and in my family it's served for breakfast, lunch or snacking year-round, but especially during Passover.

1 h 15 m 2


  • 1 tsp Honeybush Hazelnut tea
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1\4 cup hazelnuts
  • 3 large eggs
  • salt and cinnamon to taste
  • 3 pieces matzoh
  • butter or oil to fry


Crush 1 teaspoon of honeybush hazelnut tea to help release the flavor and place it in a small glass dish. Cover with 2 tablespoons of almost boiling water. Let it brew for about an hour.

Preheat frying pan on medium high. Don't add butter or oil yet.

Pour the tea mixture into a medium size mixing bowl, using a scraper to get all the tea pieces. Add 1/4 cup hazelnuts and three large eggs. Use an immersion blender for about 10 seconds. The eggs will be light and frothy, with most of hazelnuts ground to small pieces. Add salt and cinnamon. I used about three grinds of salt and two shakes of cinnamon.

Hold three pieces of matzoh under warm water for about 10-15 seconds, making sure all six sides are wet. Break the damp matzoh into pieces over the mixing bowl. Matzoh pieces can be as large or small as you wish. I usually break them into three columns and then three sections. Lots of little shreds will probably break off too. Fold gently to make sure both sides of all the pieces come in contact with the egg mixture. Let it sit for a couple minutes.

Once the pan is hot enough for eggs, add a little butter or oil. You can use a nonstick pan without adding anything, but butter adds to the flavor and makes it a little easier to brown the matzoh. When I made it without butter, the ground hazelnuts gave the brie a slightly grayish tinge.

Add the egg-covered matzo and fry, using a spatula to move the pieces and turn. I cooked all of it at once in a 10-inch pan, but you also can cook in batches if you don't want pieces doubling up.

Serve hot with a little unsweetened applesauce and a cup of tea, or let it cool to room temperature and grab as a finger food. Serves 2-4 as a meal, or whoever is around as a snack

If you're celebrating Passover, chag sameach!

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