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Spearmint Orange Toddy

Renee TeaChef Level 1

This is a hot punch best enjoyed relaxing by the fireplace.

10 m 2


  • 3 tsp. spearmint tea leaves
  • 1 c. water
  • juice of one orange
  • 5 whole cloves


Heat water for tea. Put loose spearmint tea and cloves into tea pot. Pour hot water over the tea and cloves and let brew 4 min. Juice one orange and add it to the tea. Pour into a tea cup, stir, and enjoy!

This recipe can also be served cold, as a punch.

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    Michael Jacobson TeaChef Level 1

    Not bad, but I'd prefer a lot more orange juice if I was to make it again, and maybe more cloves. It has a really mild taste and would be a fine drink in winter, although I'd prefer hot apple cider.

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