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Summer Garden Hojicha Tea with a Punch

Fran and Mike TeaChef Level 1

Hojicha Tea with a Punch

20 m 2


  • SUGAR FREE AND LOW CARB (But everyone will like it if you don't tell them.)
  • 8 Heaping teaspoons Hojicha loose tea leaves
  • 1 Quart of Bottled Spring Warter
  • 3 trays of Ice Cubes
  • 1 Quart Sugar Free Chilled Ginger Ale (Good
  • Quality)
  • 1 Liter Sugar Free Chilled Orange flored Soft
  • Drink (Good Quality)
  • Optional Splenda or any artificial sweetner
  • Crushed ice to chill bowl


In large Tea Pot;

>Place tea leaves

>Boil Spring Water and pur over tea leaves.

>Cover and steep for 5 to 6 minutes for a

strong mixture

>Place a silver laddle or large spoon into a

4 quart glass punch bowl to keep it from


>Place the ice cubes in the bowl

>Strain the brew over the ice and let it just

cool. Remove any unmelted ice cubes.

>Add Chilled Ginger Ale

>Add Chilled Orange Flavored Soft Drink

>Add optional sweetner to taste


*I like to place the glass punch bowl into a larger Silver punch bowl and pack the areas between bowls with crushed ice. The Tea Punch is then not watered down and tastes delighful.

* I suggest serving in tall stemmed water of tea glasses with an orange slice with a slit half way through slice and slipped over the edge of the glass. Very elegant for a warm day.

* Crushed ice or an ice cube is optional. You don't want to dilute this ambrosia

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