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Chamomile Cupcakes

Andrya Parry TeaChef Level 1

Cute little cupcakes kissed with the warm flavors of honey and chamomile.



  • flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, salt, evaporated milk, vanilla, egg whites, honey, Adagio chamomile,


Fill cupcake papers with mixed cupcake ingredients, bake at 350 for about 20 min.. Mix in a mixing bowl flour, sugar, honey, four egg yolks. Simmer milk and Adagio chamomile tea and pour over dry mixture. Mix and cover in plastic, refrigerate to cool. Hollow out a section in each cupcake and gently spread in filling. Replace the cupcake top you cut off and add a little spread of filling on top. Garnish with chamomile flowers. Then serve, enjoy, and want to make more!

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