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Golden Chamomile Eggs and Milk and honey pops

Submitted by: Bobbie Howard

Delicious deviled Chamomile flavored eggs on crackers and Chamomile Popsicles

Prep Time: prep for eggs 20 minutes including boiling time
prep for popsicles all afternoon to get them frozen hard
Serving Size: 5-8
  • Chamomile tea eggs water for boiling
  • Teaspoon of Maui Pineapple Mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt
  • one cup strong chamomile tea
  • one cup cream (milk mat be subsituted)
  • one Tablespoon honey
  • one container for freezing popsicles
The Goose that laid the Golden TeaChef Chamomile Egg.

Once upon a time Bubbe reached into her mailbox and discovered a container filled with the most beautiful yellow flowers. They had a fragrance that filled the room with sunshine. 'What shall I do with these lovely blossoms that will bring smiles to my Grandchildren’s, faces?' Bubbe thought and thought. While she sat on her moss covered log thinking along came her goose and gobbled up some of her precious flowers. 'Oh no! Shouted Bubbe in alarm. 'What shall I do now? 'Taking some of the blossoms that remained in her treasure box, she brewed a cup of tea and considered her predicament. Adding a Cup of cream and Tablespoon of honey to another cup of tea she decided to place it in popsicle molds for her grandchildren to enjoy when they arrived. This would give her more time to contemplate over what to do with her goose. That day the grandchildren ran and skipped in the yard enjoying their special treat and chasing the goose about the pen. 'Squawk! 'The Goose in said as she hid in the bulrushes, 'Squawk! ,and dove into the stream leaving behind a golden yellow egg for the grandchildren to bring to Bubbe. 'What shall we do with this special gift?' Bubbe asked the grandchildren. 'We should boil it is the lovely TeaChef blossoms Gaggle ate!' they squealed. So we did just that. However there are five grandchildren and only one golden Teachef Chamomile egg. 'How shall we all enjoy it?' asked the smallest of the five. Together they smashed the boiled egg and added a teaspoon of Maui Pineapple mustard to it to enhance the golden color and the sweetness that came from the blossoms. A touch of honey and a pinch of salt blended the flavors together. 'Oh let's spread them on buttery cookies?' they all agreed. And the Golden goodness brought smiles to their faces.

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