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Blood Orange Beef Soup

Submitted by: Meghan Anderson

Replacing the dried tangerine peel in a favorite beef dish with blood orange tea gave a tasty variation. (Original recipe from epicurious: Gourmet 2005)

Prep Time: >4 hours, mostly inactive
Serving Size: serves 4
  • 6 c. water
  • 1 c. light soy sauce or 1/2 c. regular
  • 1 c. Chinese rice wine or medium-dry sherry
  • 1/4 c. packed light brown sugar
  • 1" cube peeled fresh ginger, smashed
  • 1 bunch scallions, white parts smashed and green parts chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, smashed
  • 10 fresh cilantro stems plus 1/2 c. loosely packed fresh cilantro sprigs
  • Adagio sample size container Blood Orange Tea
  • 4 whole star anise
  • 1/4 tsp. dried hot red pepper flakes
  • 2 1/2 lb. meaty beef short ribs
  • 1 3/4 c. chicken broth (or water)
  • 10 oz dry Chinese wheat noodles
  • 1 c. fresh mung bean sprouts (or a few large handfuls of spinach)
  • 4 tbsp. Chinese pickled mustard greens (optional)
  • optional: 1 fresh red chili, thinly sliced
Bring water, soy sauce, rice wine, brown sugar, ginger, white parts of scallion, garlic, cilantro stems, orange tea, star anise, and red pepper flakes to a boil in a 5-6 quart pot, then reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, 10 min. Add short ribs and gently simmer, covered, turning occasionally, until meat is very tender but not falling apart, 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 hours. Let meat stand in cooking liquid, uncovered, 1 hour. (Can be made a day ahead up to this point and left overnight in the fridge, which makes the fat easier to skim and in my opinion also makes the beef tastier).
Transfer meat to a cutting board with tongs and discard bones and membranes, then cut meat across the grain into 1/2"-thick slices. Skim fat from cooking liquid. Strain through a cheese cloth into a 3-quart saucepan. Add chicken broth and meat and reheat soup over moderately low heat.
Meanwhile, cook noodles in a 6-8 quart pot of boiling water until tender, about 7 min. Drain noodles well in a colander and divide among 4 large soup bowls.
Ladle broth over noodles and top with meat, scallion greens, bean sprouts, pickled mustard greens, cilantro sprigs, and red chili (if using).

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