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rice treats

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these treats are for the young as well as the young at heart, allways keep the kid in you.

Prep Time: use large pot large spoon
Serving Size: 10 pc.
  • 1 stick of sweet butter, 1 bag of large marshmellows, one box of medium rice crispy cereal, 8 by 8 pan
take one large pot, put it on a low flame, put the one stick of butter in the pot, let it melt completly, then add the one bag of marshmellows to the melted butter, stire at all times until thy are melted completly, then add rice cripies as desired, remove pot from flame continue stiring until completly combined,butter the 8 by 8 pan completly and pour the treats in the pan, spead evanly let it cool for 25 min. cut into squars eat and enjoy.

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