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huang shuwei

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Our company Chao An Propitious Clouds Tea Co., Ltd, is expert in producing, processing and selling tea, tea instrument and other tea- concerned productions. Our tea garden is base in the famous tea-produced center-guangdong fenghuang town. The tea garden located in low 600m high mountain where is the national excellent green-food producing center without any pollution.

Prep Time: Now, we are in the beginning of the new century, We push our production out into the world by the internet. Our production will keep good quality, stable style, clear class, safe and clean and od drinking.
Product£ºTea Oolong tea dangCong tea

Serving Size: Oolong tea
  • Our factory always keep the idea of ¡° quality and scale¡±, focus on the research the tea in color, fragrance, tasty, and try to get confirmation and praise from the customers.
  • Our factory had make contract with the village government about the cooperation of factory and the tea farmers. It is that the factory give the planting technology to the farmer while the farmer provides the excellent tea levels to the factory.
The special type of the ¡°ropitious Clouds dancong¡± is refined in traditional arts and modern high-technique instruments. We have technician to master every procedure in the strict way, so this type of tea have special features: brown leaf, tight rolling, rich mineral substances, natural flower frangrance and the unique honey flavour, bright yellow looking, light and lasting frangrance, long-time-lasting tasty, good for health and beauty.

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