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Silverpot Tea

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Silver Pot Tea- Origin India -Assam and Darjeeling.

Prep Time: 5-7 Minutes
Serving Size: 6
  • Water 350 ml. Tea 3g
1. Use freshly drawn cold water, that is not hard, heavily treated or with high calcium content.
2. Bring water to a “rolling boil” (100°C) just once, in a kettle that is free of any water remaining from the previous boil, and allow it to cool a few degrees.
3. Put 3 gms. tea per person into a clean and dry tea pot.
4. Pour approximately 150 ml. freshly boiled water per person.
5. Gently stir once after 2 minutes.
6. Allow to infuse for 5 minutes.

Tasting tea is a very different experience from drinking it. Indulge your senses and taste Silverpot Fine & Rare Tea as recommended by Silverpot’s Master Blender. For tasting tea, the ideal cup is a wide rimmed pure white porcelain cup, which displays the liquor to perfection and spreads the aroma while tasting the tea.
1. Appearance: Pour the liquor into white porcelain tasting cup and view it in the shade, under sunlight. Admire the depth and intensity of the colors. Note the ring of brilliance at the rim, where the tea touches the whiteness of the cup.
2. Nose: Bring the cup close to your nose, and take a deep breath. You will sense a wave of complex, deep and rich aromas.
3. Taste: The first sip will reinforce the sensations you just experienced. Distinguish the foreground, middle ground and background flavors – these dimensions come together to create the flavor profile of the tea.

Silverpot’s Master Blender’s tasting notes on Silverpot Fine & Rare Tea are given below. We hope you will find this to be a useful guideline, while evaluating the teas yourself.
1. Silverpot Limited Edition, Darjeeling Second Flush
Leaf: Classic, well rolled, black with few brown leaves and many bold silver tips.
Infusion: Intense flavor, coppery color with a tinge of pink.
Liquor: Light reddish with wide golden ring, rich and exquisite combination of flavors with floral bouquet that lingers in the mouth.
2. Silverpot Legendary Estates, Darjeeling Second Flush
Leaf: Stylish, finely rolled, black with few brown leaves, and some silver tips.
Infusion: Subtle fragrance with sweet note, coppery color.
Liquor: Bright reddish with golden ring, delicate briskness and well rounded flavor with enveloping tones of muscatel.
3. Silverpot Legendary Estates, Assam Second Flush
Leaf: Small and curly black leaf, with very high content of bright golden tips.
Infusion: Light and bright coppery.
Liquor: Bright amber, creamy, full bodied, malty and croppy flavor delicately balanced with strength and briskness.

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