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Sweet Ice-free Tea

Steven Garcia TeaChef Level 1

Southern Sweet Tea - slap yo mama

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  • Water
  • Sugar (or alternative sweetener)
  • Adagio Ceylon Sonata loose black tea leaves


Make a simple syrup by melting your sugar into some water. Set aside to cool...

Using an infuser pitcher (like the 40 oz. Adagio Iced Tea Pitcher) place your loose black tea in the infuser basket (I use 15-20grams for a 40oz pitcher) and add cold water to fill the pitcher.

Next let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day remove the infuser and top off the pitcher using you simple syrup to sweeten to taste. My preference is about 1/3 cup of dry sugar per 40oz liquid. Of course you could substitute another sweetener, like aspartame, splenda, etc.

pour into a chilled glass and Enjoy :)

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